Thursday, January 21, 2010

Web Design Cafe

After scouring the web for good free image editing software, free web design software, and free graphics, I've finally decided to make a web page devoted to such- A quick directory for anyone needing web design oriented things, which include links to all of the necessary tools above.

These tools can be great for bloggers too.

You can find them all at the
Web Design Cafe
Thank You

Any suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picnik - Free Web-Based Photo Editing!

I love this website. I had come across it before, but never did I appreciate it until the other day.

Here's the quick story; I formatted my computer and I needed to crop an image that was too small. I hadn't yet downloaded a free (client side) photo editing program like GIMP or Paint.NET, so I panicked. I googled.

Free Web based photo editing!

This website lets you upload your photos (of pretty big file size I might add, mine was almost 6MB!)

It let me crop my image to a suitable size, control the JPG file compression during save, file type, and adjust exposure, rotation, red-eye, etc.! This was perfect. I turned this >

Into this>
Which was just what I needed for my Twitter account.