Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rebuilding and Moving Site

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At least for now. Things not going as planned. New host has too many restrictions for my plans.

This post is to let everyone know that the posts on Computer Games and Web Design will be at the new Chexed.Net. Blogger was great for the time being, but I require something more customizable and scalable. I have not the time to build a new website myself, so I've chosen to run the content management system/blog software, Serendipity on a rented portion of a (shared) server through

I compared many hosts considering cost, Terms of Service, and features, but in the end, I signed up with because their optional software package was quite appealing; Offering Adobe GoLive CS2 as "included" with their business hosting (appx $130) package for a year for only the additional cost of shipping/handling (appx $8.00) when GoLive CS2 retails for over $200 by itself. Adobe Golive is web design software that should enable me to save a lot of time to build a completely custom version version of this website.

While signed into the 1And1 server control panel, I clicked the "Click-N-Build" link and with a few mouse clicks and some blanks typed in, Serendipity was easily installed. So far I like it, but this is my first time using Serendipity, so I'll have to put it to the test and let you know how it feels. I'm going to be testing other Content Management Systems (CMS) at the same time at other websites. Some CMS I'm considering are PostNuke, XOOPS, and Joomla- All systems I can install using the easy "Click-N-Build." With 1And1 however, I must choose wisely which Click-N-Build applications I want, because they allow only a limited number. I assume I can swap them later on by uninstalling one thus freeing up a space to install another one. I think uninstalling a CMS could be rather time consuming though if transferring of set-up and design are wanted or necessary.