Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Commercial Use Fonts!

Who doesn't like fonts? Without fonts, we wouldn't be reading very much on the internet, that's for sure! The most standard font to my understanding is Times / Times New Roman and for the internet, it's generally Arial or Verdana. Don't get me wrong. I know there's other fonts being used, but now you can use even more!

Font Squirrel!
Free Fonts (Even for Commercial use)

I found this link on another designers blog who I just happened to of stumbled across after stumbling across another designers website. The sweet (well sometimes bitter) but almost always uncredited and ever important chain of events!

Just don't forget that unless the person viewing your website has the fonts installed too, they'll only see a default font (such as Times New Roman in place of your Fancy Flames Font). That doesn't mean you can't use the fonts though, because you can use them in graphics, such as logos :)


Will Ayers said...

Thanks for stumbling across my blog, glad to see people are enjoying it. The stumbling across blogs continue with me finding yours! Isn't the internet awesome!