Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Making a COD4 Video in 5 Steps!

Things you'll need:
Windows Movie Maker (Comes with Windows XP)
COD4 Player (For playing a demo)
FRAPS (For recording video)
COD4 Game (Doh)

Step 1:
Open console (with ~ button) while playing and type "/record DemoName" (without the quotes). Close console.

Step 2:
When finished, open console and type "/stoprecording" then close cod4.

Step 3:
Open Fraps and make sure you know the button for recording video, where the videos save to and set the recording to 30 FPS and Half Screen (no sound if you're putting music with it, it doesn't record sound well from COD4 Player on my computer anyway).

Step 3:
Open COD4 Player, find the demo in your COD4 folders, Open it up...

Step 4:
Start recording with FRAPS (don't worry about catching the perfect moments just right... That's in step 5. Stop recording and close COD4 when done.

Step 5:
Open Windows Movie Maker, import the video file saved where FRAPS saved it and edit it as you wish! (Tip: You can even put the same file on the film-strip to allow for editing the clip multiple times and cutting out certain sections). Save the file with the highest quality you can.

Check out my pro cod4 gamer video I made using this technique and click the "watch in high quality" link under VIEWS on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

your steps don't make any sense. I have tried to follow your tutorial with no luck. the file I find has an extension of .dm_1 How do you open it. you say to record twice. You need more details in your tutorial

Secret Seer said...

You must use the COD4 player to open the first recored video.

The reason for this is cod4 can record extremely high quality because it records smaller amounts of information, however to be put in raw video (e.g. FRAPS), it requires much more information and makes the recording process very much less efficient.

With the COD4 Player, you can fast forward to the correct location for recording, put it in slow motion, and even change the angles of the recording for added effect. It's pretty cool.

The biggest reason of all to use this method is because using FRAPS will slow almost any computer down if recording in high quality. WHen your computer is lagging, it's hard to play decent when you can't even see anyone, so if you record using the "/record DEMONAME" command, it wont slow down the system nearly as much.

Anonymous said...

Where are the demo movies saved too. And do you have to say /record demoname and then /stoprecording as i am having no luck with these input commands

Secret Seer said...

Demos from non-modded servers should be here or a slightly different file path depending on the version of your game:
C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main\demos

If the demo is recorded from a modded server, it will be in one of your mod folders:
C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods

Yes, you do have to use "/record FILENAME" and it will overwrite files without prompting you. You do not have to hit "/stoprecord" every time, but I do it anyway just to be safe. When you exit a game, it normally auto saves and stops your demo.

You'll notice a file size number in KB increasing at the bottom of your screen if the record command worked.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask :)

Anonymous said...

i still cant find my videos i dont have a demo file in my cod4 files at all where could it have gone?

Secret Seer said...

If you're using any mod, they should go in their specific mod folder... Eg:
"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods\PAM4"

John Ber said...

This is actually the lazy man's way of doing it. If you want a really high quality, you have to use advanced programs like MeGUI, and using "cl_avidemo 120" while playing your demo with the COD4 Demo Player. It does take more hard drive space, but it's pretty much loseless until you encode it.

Secret Seer said...

Tell me more John Ber! That sounds very good. I hope it doesn't use much more system resources besides HD space! That was my only problem with recording live to begin with, system performance would bog down so incredibly bad that I would play like hell and make the demo worthless anyway lol. That's why I started doing it this way, but if there is a better way, let us know! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I have found the Demos but I cant watch them. I click open demo and select the file and then click open, but nothing happens.

Secret Seer said...

Just want to make sure you have COD4 installed and updated to latest version? I'm not sure if it would work if the recordings were done in different versions- and a recording may become corrupt.

What should happen though is COD4 should open up. The controls or "hotkeys" listed on the player allow you to watch the replay.

If the program for some reason isn't running on your computer (maybe a version of windows that's not compatible with it...), you can always used the built in controls to play it such as:
1. Open Console
2. type /demo previouslyrecordeddemoname
3. Your demo should begin playing.

Once again, if there have been any updates since the demo was recorded, it may not run properly, I'm not positive about that though.

halnovemila said...

Does this work with both Single-Player and Multiplayer CoD4 ingame records?

halnovemila said...

Does this work with both single player and multi player in game records?

Secret Seer said...

halnovemila- as far as i'm aware, it should work the same, but i haven't tried it.

soundox said...

ok i recorded video with frpas.. and i found the video ...
it says that video is 1gb ???'
can u tell how to fix that..

Anonymous said...

Welcome to FRAPS, soundox! FRAPS records in large file sizes. In fact, 15 minutes easily eat up 3 gigs of memory for me.

Secret Seer said...

Save the video under a different size in Windows Movie Maker or Vista / Windows 7 version similar program if you have it. You can edit your video in those clips too.