Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Making a COD4 Video in 5 Steps!

Things you'll need:
Windows Movie Maker (Comes with Windows XP)
COD4 Player (For playing a demo)
FRAPS (For recording video)
COD4 Game (Doh)

Step 1:
Open console (with ~ button) while playing and type "/record DemoName" (without the quotes). Close console.

Step 2:
When finished, open console and type "/stoprecording" then close cod4.

Step 3:
Open Fraps and make sure you know the button for recording video, where the videos save to and set the recording to 30 FPS and Half Screen (no sound if you're putting music with it, it doesn't record sound well from COD4 Player on my computer anyway).

Step 3:
Open COD4 Player, find the demo in your COD4 folders, Open it up...

Step 4:
Start recording with FRAPS (don't worry about catching the perfect moments just right... That's in step 5. Stop recording and close COD4 when done.

Step 5:
Open Windows Movie Maker, import the video file saved where FRAPS saved it and edit it as you wish! (Tip: You can even put the same file on the film-strip to allow for editing the clip multiple times and cutting out certain sections). Save the file with the highest quality you can.

Check out my pro cod4 gamer video I made using this technique and click the "watch in high quality" link under VIEWS on YouTube.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

COD4 Pro Gamer Footage!

As it stands, this is my best quality COD4 video on YouTube so far... I'm still new at getting videos on YouTube without losing quality... In fact I suck at that so far lol. But I'm getting better and I'm learning new things, such as saving the file with specific settings.

This video is of a pro gamer.