Monday, December 17, 2007

Marketing Your Web Sites

If you're really into web design or graphics, you probably know how important it is for people to find your work. Well that's where your marketing skills come in to play. I'm not going to give the 101's on marketing here, but what I am going to do is give a you a link to a place that offers user-voted marketing content.

I've found some very good information within only a few seconds of being on that website. Perhaps in the future I will create an e-Marketing 101 guide for you though. I have virtually no money and have done all marketing by the book and without that which most consider essential money. That's right, I know how to be cheap, so cheap in fact that I wouldn't pay any money for some of my strategies, and if there's no price on them, that makes them priceless. You will have priceless strategies from me for free.