Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Unpleasant Newegg Service Experience

Ever since I first purchased from Newegg, toward the begenning of this year (2007), my experience has been utterly terrible. It's honestly ranking among my top dissapointing purchasing experiences I've ever had. I'm not sure if it's because of the total lack of unenthusiasm the customer service representatives have with helping me solve my problems, or the fact that I had such high expectations from newegg being referred by friends and relatives.

I suppose the problem was I made a very large purchase as my first and only purchase ever from newegg. Usually people only buy a few parts here and there. I bought everything I needed to build a complete system. Everything went just fine until the computer started shutting down, even with the temperatures being very cool. Whenever the computer was actually on for a while though, the power cord that came with the power supply (PowerTek) got so hot it would burn skin by touching it. Trust me, it sucks finding that out by accident, my wife burned her arm on it. I'm surprised newegg carries products like that. Everyone I told had never heard of a power cord from a power supply getting so hot it would burn you. Perhaps that was because the power supply was bad in the first place.

Well, I've sent the power supply back, lets see what they do.

Other than that, when I first got my computer case from newegg, one of the fans were "pre-broken" at no extra charge inside the case. To purchase the computer took so many tries and no one at newegg knew what was going on, I hated the thought of dealing with them again, especially since they were talking like I had never even placed an order. Just completely shrugging off that it was taking so many times to place one single order. Each time having to wait on hold for hours to get in touch with them, adding to my frustration. Then to reach them on the phone and all they have to say is "i don't know." So days and hours worth of ordering and waiting on the phone later, the same thing again. It turns out the problem wasn't completely their fault though. Apparently, I wasn't getting "some" of their automated emails because of a hard block on my ISP's server level spam protection. Due to being a previous employee and knowing the policies of that particular ISP and working with some server side email on my own free time, I'd say it was most likely due to a flaw in newegg's email security system. When I say security, I'm not implying vunerability of entrance to their system, but a lack of sufficient outgoiing email technology. Weeks worth of effort and many hours worth of being on hold, this problem could have been diminished so greatly if the first or even the second customer service reps I talked to would have taken the initiative and claimed ownership of her customers problem and taken a minute to look more into it, then found out what the problem was, instead of just implying I didn't know what I was doing. Said, suggested, implied, and timeline events: "Oh, I don't know why it didn't go through right. Maybe it will next time? If it doesn't, please feel free to wait on hold a few more hours and be told the same thing. Thank you so much for your time!"

So basically, my experience has been lacking in customer service. If you know exactly what's going on, they're probably great, but if somethings going wrong and you're not sure what, don't waste your time calling them, they've been a total lack of help.

I was going to stop here, but I forgot something important. When I spoke to a customer service rep over the internet, because I didn't want to have a neck cramp waiting on the phone or my cordless battery dieng while waiting, I eventually reached someone. I told them I needed to RMA (return) something but I wasn't sure how to go about it. They said I'd get an email. I told them I had a problem with email before, is there anyway they could make sure the email went through, maybe a call, or just let me wait for a moment while the email went through? They said no, I'd have to contact customer service again if I didn't get the email so I said can you send it to another email address? They said no.

Eventually, I received the email for the "shipping label" and I was surprised that it was just the ship to address. I thought they would at least pay for postage. I ended up having to pay $16.70 to ship the power supply.

Later, after sending it, I realized they had sent me a second email after the first one, it turns out they do pay for postage and that was the second email with the second half of the postage instructions. Why send the instructions in two different halves? I'm not sure of that one. But I am sure I was told to expect an "email" with shipping instructions, not "multiple emails."

My experience with newegg was unpleasant to say the least and don't worry, I could say a lot more than I've said here, but I'll save that for later.

Update: Sept 30, 2007 Well, they sent me another power supply... It seems to be working good now. I suppose I'll stop complaining about this.


Tony said...

You should try buying a gift you want sent directly to the recipient. They don't let you do it! They told me:
"You will need to contact your bank to add the shipping address as PayPal confirmed shipping address before you placed the order. Otherwise, your alternate shipping address cannot be saved on our website."

WTF?!?! So basically, they're saying I can't ship something to anyone whose address isn't on my bank account?

As a result of this, I ended up spending $46 to ship a $20 video card, AFTER I had paid for shipping from newegg already. There's service for you!