Friday, August 17, 2007

Tag Cloud

I have decided that ZoomClouds is definitely not the fit for me. It doesn't work nearly as I thought it would. It seems like it just makes some words bigger randomly. When I click on one of the big words, it will likely take me to a page on the ZoomCloud server with their advertisements all over the place and the worst part about it: There would only be one of my posts listed. Then, I could click on a much smaller word in the so called "tag-cloud" and it would take me to another page on their server, but with 3 of my listings (totally unrelated, except for the fact that I wrote them).

I think they seriously need to do some work on their algorithm, honestly, if I were them, I would probably completely rewrite the code. It either never worked in the first place, or it broke somewhere along the line, and they didn't feel the need to fix it after "at least months" of being broken. Then again, maybe they mean for it to work the way it currently does (4:31 EASTERN TIME, USA SEPTEMBER 05, 2007)

I searched the internet for days looking for a tool that would aggregate RSS / XML feeds and make a tag cloud out of them, so that way people have an additional option to navigate my content.

With the key phrase of "free tag cloud" (without quotations) I found what I was looking for. Well half of it.

I found ZoomClouds, an awesome Tag Cloud creator that's free to use!

So far, I've only used ZoomClouds with individual feeds. To aggregate them I could use Yahoo Pipes, then take the aggregated feed and use it with ZoomClouds.

Feel free to check out my other blogs if you want to see more of this in action:


Anonymous said...

Here is a nice script for a design tag cloud: