Thursday, August 02, 2007

Faster Google Crawl Rate For Webmaster Services Updated!

If you've ever used Google Webmaster tools before, you've likely noticed a somewhat new addition to their services, the ability to control the rate of crawling on your web site by the spiders (that is to say, how fast your web site is searched and likely indexed by Google).

Up until very recently, the "Faster" option for crawling was disabled.


On a funny, yet understanding note, within less than 2 inches on my display screen, it is recommended that I choose Faster and recommended that I choose the Normal rate for crawling, yet only one can obviously be chosen at a time.


Of course, it's apparent that depending on your servers capabilities is what is recommended. They've also extremely recently updated this, so they'll probably work that out pretty quickly I assume.

If you haven't taken advantage of the Webmaster Tools yet, head over and get your butt in gear, it's free : )

 Images from Google Webmaster Services