Monday, July 16, 2007

Starcraft 2 Video Collection

Please read this requirement before viewing any of these videos: These are Starcraft 2 videos, you must not dishonor them by not viewing them in full screen with sound off. Please put your gaming gloves on AND ZIP YOUR PANTS UP, YOU SICK B**TAR*!


UNIT INTRODUCTION & GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE (the last clip at the bottom (over 20 minutes long) contains most or all of the clips under this - I've watched to many they )

LOOKS LIKE "START OF A MISSION" WITH GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE (Marines with Jump Packs towards the end :))


Over 20 Minute Video with strategies and units explained (includes others clips as well - AND MOTHERSHIP BLACK HOLE ABILITY)

PS. Some titles are in English and Some are in Korean

Why is this posted in the web design section? For a couple reasons: One, thre's a LOT of fancy web design that will be coming about due to this game. Two, will likely be one of the biggest that has ever been, there are likely things that will happen in the Starcraft community which will shape other aspects of Internet life, a. And three, Blizzard has a really good web design team themselves, or, they contracted out for a really good team. Either way, check out their web sites done in XML,